@INPROCEEDINGS{4550784, title={QoS Support in the X11 Window System}, author={Manica, N. and Abeni, L. and Palopoli, L.}, journal={Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, 2008. RTAS '08. IEEE}, year={2008}, month={April}, volume={}, number={}, pages={103-112}, abstract={In this paper, we consider the problem of providing QoS guarantees to the execution of applications using the X11 window system. In particular, we offer a system level analysis of the issues encountered when using X11 to serve realtime applications. By using a tracer developed for the purpose we analyse in depth the internal behaviour of the system. The result of the analysis puts on display the adverse effect played by a non real-time scheduler on the performance of time-sensitive applications. Based on this analysis, we propose an alternative solution based on the CBS scheduler and prove its effectiveness by an extensive set of experiments on real hardware.}, keywords={operating systems (computers), quality of serviceQoS support, X11 window systems, system internal behaviour}, doi={10.1109/RTAS.2008.20}, ISSN={1080-1812}, }