@INPROCEEDINGS{rtss08, title={Symbolic Computation of Schedulability Regions Using Parametric Timed Automata}, author={Cimatti, A. and Palopoli, L. and Ramadian, Y.}, journal={Real-Time Systems Symposium, 2008}, year={2008}, month={30 2008-Dec. 3}, volume={}, number={}, pages={80-89}, abstract={In this paper, we address the problem of symbolically computing the region in the parameter's space that guarantees a feasible schedule, given a set of real-time tasks characterised by a set of parameters and by an activation pattern. We make three main contributions. First, we propose a novel and general method, based on parametric timed automata. Second, we prove that the algorithm terminates for the case of periodic processes with bounded offsets. Third, we provide an implementation based on the use of symbolic model checking techniques for parametric timed automata, and present some case studies.}, keywords={automata theory, schedulingactivation pattern, parametric timed automata, schedulability regions, symbolic model checking techniques}, doi={10.1109/RTSS.2008.36}, ISSN={1052-8725}, }