@ARTICLE{1532407, title={Maximizing the stability radius of a set of systems under real-time scheduling constraints}, author={Palopoli, L. and Pinello, C. and Bicchi, A. and Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, A.}, journal={Automatic Control, IEEE Transactions on}, year={2005}, month={Nov.}, volume={50}, number={11}, pages={ 1790-1795}, abstract={ We address the problem of synthesising real-time embedded controllers taking into account constraints deriving from the implementation platform, thus exploring the relation between the processor's time (or "attention") devoted to different control tasks and the overall robustness of the resulting design. Assuming a time-triggered model of computation for tasks controlling a set of independent systems and a real-time preemptive scheduling policy managing a single CPU processor board, we deal with two problems: 1) deciding whether a performance specification can be attained on a candidate platform, 2) optimising performance on a platform. The considered performance metric is the minimum stability radius attained over the different feedback loops.}, keywords={ control engineering computing, control system synthesis, embedded systems, feedback, processor scheduling, robust control CPU processor board, feedback loops, real-time embedded controller, real-time scheduling constraints, robust control, stability radius, time-triggered model}, doi={10.1109/TAC.2005.858639}, ISSN={0018-9286}, }